Her Reset Button…

We or probably more correctly I used to have this joke, if my wife got to sassy I used to say that I’d have to hit her reset button. The joke being that her reset button was her asshole. The following is about a joke taken too far, with an unexpected outcome, and a first for both of us.

Before we were married, even before we were living together, we were hanging out, watching a movie at her place. We had already had fantastic sex, but that is just where this story begins. It was late, I had to go home, she wanted me to stay, it somehow turned into her giving me sass and me warning her that I’d have to flip her over and push her reset button to stop her lip. I was up, dressed, and heading for the door. She was still naked, lying on the couch, and trying to provoke me with her sassy little mouth. Whatever combination of taunts and playful behavior she hit on, it worked.

I went over to the couch, where she was laying on her back. I told her she had gone too far and that it was time to reset her. I slid my hands under her ass and shoulders, flipped her over, and jokingly got on top of her, straddling her ass. I unzipped my pants and started to at poke her cheeks and crack. Unexpectedly something that was more of me being an ass and her being a good sport turned into both of us getting increasingly turned on by it. Taking cues from her, I slid up and down her crack, then spreading her cheeks to gently poke her hole. I was turned on as hell, and could tell she was too.

Her back started to arch, raising her hips, and giving me easier access to her beautifully puckered button. She reached back with one hand, grabbed me firmly around the base of my cock, and guided me in. Always pushing back to control my entry, she would ease up, allow me to slid in just a little further, then firmly hold me in place, as she got used me inside of her, letting herself relax before allowing me in any further. It was slow going but far from tedious, it was hard to contain myself, it was a new and incredible sensation, accompanied by the sounds of pleasure she was making.

She reached underneath with her free hand and started to play with herself, thinking that it might help with our other endeavor. She still had a kung fu grip on me, but instead of just holding me in place, she started to guide me slowly in an out, in and out, she was moaning, rocking her hips, all the while rubbing her clit faster and faster. She looked back over her shoulder and told me she wanted me to cum in her ass. She repeated herself, in more of a moaning plea. I regrettably told her I wasn’t close, having just made love to her not an hour ago. When she climaxed, her entire body shook, it was a spectacular thing to witness, let alone feel underneath me.

It was the first time either of us had done that, and nothing would have made me happier then to fulfill her request. Luckily I got my chance the very next night, pretty much under the same circumstances. We were attaching the same movie, as we missed so much of it the first time, we were on the same couch, both wanting to experience the magic from the previous night again. This time it went smoother, a little faster, and at the end she got what she had been asking for. We came at the same time, one just before the other. I came first, and much to my surprise and delight, she started to moan, ‘It is so hot… your cum feels like it is burning in my ass!’. Neither of us was expecting how sensitive to temperature her ass would be. It has become a huge turn on for both of us, so much so that she has since told me during sex, ‘I want to feel your hot cum in my ass’.

The First Time…

We had been flirting, hanging out, had made out multiple times, even with some heavy petting, but both of our living situations stopped us from having sex, I think we were also having fun drawing it out, building up the anticipation and teasing each other.

We were at a birthday party for a mutual friend, everyone was drinking and having a good time. While my wife was in the bathroom, everyone went outside or down to the basement, I think to smoke, not really sure. We were used to having stolen moments when no one was around or looking, I figured this was a good opportunity and was there to meet her, outside the bathroom. I startled her as she opened the door, but soon put a smile on her face as I led her back into the bathroom. I lifted her up on the vanity and we started to kiss, to play as much as we could before people started to notice we were missing.

We rejoined the party, drank, ate, and had fun, sharing a smile when we would catch each other’s eye. The party was fizzling out, we decided to leave, I was her ride home. We both weren’t ready to say good night and decided to find a place to park for a while. I had no idea where to go and after driving around for a while we ended up at a local beach. We talked for a bit, then started to kiss and fool around. I went up under her shirt, followed by down her pants. She undid my pants, giving her access to play with and suck my cock. We were both worked up and wanted to keep going but neither of us was expecting to end up in this situation at the end of the night and therefore didn’t plan accordingly, we didn’t have any protection.

Resigning to the idea that we were not going to have sex, she resumed going down on me, while I reached over and played with her tits and rubbed her through her pants. I got so worked up that I climbed onto her side of the car, I wanted to be on top of her. She leaned me back against the dashboard and once again wrapped those amazing lips around me. But soon after she started, yells ‘Fuck it!’, slips one of her legs out of her jeans and panties, leaving them wrapped around the other leg, pushed down to the floor. She spread her legs welcomingly and helped guide me into her.

I was not prepared at all for the cornucopia of sexual delight that followed. From the moment my tip started to pass her lips and become engulfed by her amazingly tight, wet, and hot pussy, I was in heaven. And it only got better. Her lips, just like her mouth, are full, supple, soft, and silky. She is unbelievably tight and never loosens up, with every stroke, going in or out, her pussy tugs at my cock, like a Chinese finger trap. It took, and even still takes, a lot of concentration not to cum when I am first sliding into her and getting used to the intense sensation.

We were at it for what seemed like an eternity, stopping and changing positions when needed to help prolong the fun. By then end she came multiple times and I was able to hold off cumming all together, a sacrifice I would gladly make again and again for the chance to be with her. It was better than I could have imagined, I have never felt that connected to someone physically or emotionally. There are only two things I would change about that night, the first, I would have told her how I felt, how amazing she was, how close I felt to her. The second, after we fishing, she was on top on my, she sat back down in her seat, knowing that I didn’t cum said, ‘Sorry, I’d help you out but…’ suggesting that she would go down on my again to get me off but not after I had been inside her. It later came out that she would have anyways, that it is something she is into and said if I had asked she would have. I guess perhaps if we are changing things, maybe that one of us had a condom might be a good one, but I think I prefer the way it happened better.

That, the first time I had sex with my future wife, was one of the best experiences of my adult life. Even to this day, being with her feels like that first time, and I am always amazed how, new, exciting, and perfect it feels to be with her.

The First Kiss…

I have been drawn to my wife from the moment I knew she existed. We worked in the same office, I used to make up stupid excuses to go over and talk to her, to be near her, to peek down the low cut shirts she would always wear. She has great tits and always looks so amazingly put together, but that wasn’t the only thing. As I have said before, it was her smile, her laugh, she just gives off this glow, there is also this sexual energy about her, she is extremely confident and open, and I have always been irresistibly drawn to her.

We quickly became friends, both wanting it to be something more, both feeling the sexual tension growing between us. I am shy by nature and never came out and told her how I felt. I would complement her, her clothes, her hair, anything to let her know how stunning I found her. I would try to slip in inappropriate jokes about wanting her, always being able to laugh it off as a joke if it wasn’t well received. She is quite the opposite, she will tell you how it is, like it or not. I would routinely walk her to her car, any excuse to be alone with her. On one of these walks she asked why I was always so willing to walk with her. Not being able to just tell her the truth, that I was infatuated with her, I made some lame joke about hoping for a kiss.

We got to her car and both got in, she would usually drive me my car or back to our work. I was nervous and awkwardly sat there in silence, wanting to lean over and kiss her, but not being able. I said good bye, reached for the door, but was stopped by her calling me a chicken. She said, ‘I thought you said you wanted to kiss me?’. I looked at her, turning red, not knowing what to say, before finally leaning in and kissed her. Her lips were full and supple, her tongue was soft and gentle at times, firm and forceful at others. The kiss was amazing, being that close to her incredible. Being able to smell her, taste her, feel her… to this day I get lost in thought going over the details of that kiss.

A few minutes to kill…

My wife was getting ready to go to work, I was helping, getting her lunch ready, making sure everything she needed was at the door waiting for her. She was about to leave for her second night shift in a row, we were both talking about how much we’d miss each other and how empty the bed feels when one of us isn’t there. She was packed and ready to leave almost 20 minutes early, I thought she was headed for the door, to use the extra time to get a coffee on the way to work, boy was I off.

She took me by the hand and led me down the hall and into our bedroom, shutting the door behind us. I knew she wanted to fool around and couldn’t hide the grin on my face. We started to kiss, she lifted my shirt, kissed my chest, teased my nipples, she then slowly backed up to the side of the bed, pulling me with her. She grabbed onto my belt, started to undo it as she slowly slid down the side of the bed, until she was sitting on a foot stool. We keep a little antique foot stool on her side of the bed, we call it her ‘princess stool’. As mentioned before my wife is tiny and has trouble getting into our oversized bed unassisted. Luckily the stool is the right height to place her sitting head right at my crotch.

She soon had my pants down around my ankles, my boxers pulled down to around mid thigh and my full on bonner staring at her in the face. She grabs the base of my cock with one hand and starts to kiss and lick the tip. Slowly pushing her lips around it. She moves her head and hand up and down in unison. She pulls back, enough to look up at me with these irresistible fuck me eyes, a look that on its own drives me wild. She is looking up at me, with the sexiest smile, a sex crazed stare, all the while jerking my cock, every once and a while licking the head to keep everything sliding nicely.

She grabs my hips/ass with both hands and guides me deep into her mouth. She sits keeps her head still as she pulls my hips, back and forth, towards her gapping mouth. She then switches tactics, goes back to holding with one hand, jerking and sucking in the same motion. She can tell I am getting close, she can feel my already rock hard rod get even harder and bigger in her mouth, she knows what is coming and starts to work even harder to get me there. She is bobbing up and down so fast, so deep, I am worried she is going to gag herself. She never stops, her mouth, her hand, and soon I can’t hold back anymore, I blow my hot load into that pretty little mouth of hers.

She will more often than not take it in the mouth but prefers not to swallow. After she spit out her mouthful into a couple tissues, she hugs me, kisses my cheek, and says softly in my ear, ‘Half of that shot straight down my throat… thought you’d like to know’. That woman knows me well. Not only yes I would love to know, but her delivery is always second to none.

Her first taste…

She told me this story in bits and pieces years ago, I am a little foggy on some of the finer details, so let’s call this a retelling of what I consider to be her first lesbian experience.

She was 19, away on vacation, staying with some new friends, travelling around the mid eastern united stated, seeing the sights and living it up. They were at the friend’s house she was staying at, a group of them, listening to music and having a good time. My wife started to feel off, she was getting what she knows now to be the first of many migraines. The light, the music, everything was making her feel worse, she ended up excusing herself and going to find a dark, quite bedroom to lay down in.

I don’t know how long she was in there, if she took anything for the pain, or how many times she was checked on. All I know about is the last time, the most notable time. Teresa, one of the new friends she had met while on vacation, popped in the room to make sure everything was alright. Teresa was older, in her late twenties maybe early thirties, she was taller, slender but shapely, with curly long brown hair. My wife, not yet knowing what a migraine was or what to do to help it subside, tried to explain the kind of pain she was in and what she thought might help to relieve it. I am unsure who suggested it or when my wife’s clothes came off, but my wife ended up naked, face down on the bed with Teresa straddled over her, rubbing and massaging my wife’s back.

The massage was working, the pain was going away. As the headache lessened, my wife’s arousal started to build. She could feel a sexual tension building and wanted to let her masseuse know she not only appreciated but very much enjoyed the attention she was getting. Nervous and not wanting to come right out and say anything, she gave off a little moan the next time Teresa’s hands slide up her back. To make sure she was heard, and understood, she gave off a deeper moan, followed by another. With each moan the rubbing became firmer, more excited, and started to focus more on the lower back, and up the sides teasing the side boob being pushed up from the bed.

As if almost on cue, right when they both couldn’t take it anymore, Teresa flips my wife over as her head goes straight for her tits. She goes back and forth between them, kissing, licking, and sucking. Her tongue darting around, flicking and pressing on each rock hard nipple to the sound of ‘ooh’, ‘aah’, and the occasional gasp. My wife said that she was so excited that she was very close to cumming, but as she thought she might the attention of that talented tongue started to work its way down her torso. Taking the scenic route, for good measure, a kiss here, a little nibble there, a long lick followed by a firm suck on the inner thigh. By this point my wife’s entire body was tense with anticipation, there was little to no trace of the headache that sent her to her darkened hideaway.

Teresa wasted no time licking, fingering, and tonguing the throbbing, wet goodness that was spread in front of her. She soon had my wife writhing in ecstasy, her hips grinding up, forcefully into her face as she came. After she was good and finished with her job at hand, Teresa crawled up the bed and settled down beside my wife. Laying there, looking at each other, Teresa said in a hushed voice, ‘I want you to go down on me’. My wife, not being one to disappoint, and having had experiences that she wished led up to this in the past, was more than happy to fulfill the request.

Before making her way south of the border, my wife moved her face closer to Teresa’s and started to kiss her. Soft and gentle gave way to wet and passionate. With every kiss she could taste herself and the hint of mint, from bum Teresa was chewing earlier. With the tables turned, and her playmate still dressed, more of a direct route was taken. Luckily there was only a tiny little sun dress and a pair of wet panties in the way of her and her goal. After sliding the dress up and slipping off the panties, my wife started to unleash years of pent up sexual frustration and bi-curious fantasies all over that soft and slippery pussy. Before long she too was having hips rhythmically pushed into her face.

After their fun was done, I am not sure if they cuddled, talked, or even how long they stayed secluded in their dark little love nest. At some point they rejoined the group and didn’t make any secret as to what they had gotten up to.

Oh, that’s what you meant…

My wife was getting ready to go away for a couple days with some friends. She was all packed and ready to go, just getting ready to be picked up. We were both on our computers, just killing time, we had just argued about something stupid, as we were both a little stressed about her trip. She moved from the dining room table to the couch, and quite unexpectedly asks me, ‘Do you want to make out a bit?’. Not expecting it all I managed to respond with was ‘Sure.’

I went over to the couch, she stood to greet me, she said quite matter of factly, ‘I want you to lick me from behind… lick up and down my lips… then slide it in’. The then took off her panties, hiked up her dress, and bent over the arm of the couch. Her face and chest was pressed into the bottom cushion of the couch, her tiny little waist rested on the arm, her feet were spread apart, making her heart shaped ass spread open, and giving me access to her.

I disrobed, got on my knees behind her, grabbed the top of her thighs, just beneath her ass, pulled myself between her legs and spread her cheeks as wide as I could. I don’t think I had ever been underneath her in this way before, it was an amazing view of her. She has a picturesque pussy, her lips are supple, they close to resemble a flower bud. I used my thumbs to slowly spread her open, exposing the soft pink or her clit and inner lips. I place my widened tongue firmly on her clit and rock it gently alternating from side to side, up and down, and in tiny circles. Every so often I run my tongue down her entire pussy, stopping just before I reach her little puckered asshole. I make sure to pay her clit the most attention, just how she likes it, while at the same time ensuring that she is wet and worked in, as per her request.

I stand up behind her, take my cock in one hand for guidance, and slowly start to work the head in and out of her. She slides her hand under her body, reached back and starts to rub on her clit. She is always so tight, even with foreplay, even if we go multiple times in a night. She is so tight, and I am so worked up from the candidness in her request, her position, how unbelievably sexy it was looking up at her like that, not to mention how great she looks bent over. With all that going on it is hard for me not to blow my load while I am working my way into her. I get into a groove, slowly sliding all the way into her, holding it for a second, then sliding back, almost all the way out, until I can feel her luscious lips just holding onto the tip, wait another second before sliding it back into her. The wait gives her just long enough to start closing and almost gives the sensation of sliding it in for the first time.

She wants to change positions, she still wants it from behind put wants to be more upright. She kneels on the couch and leans over the back of it. I take up my position behind her, reinsert myself, as she starts to play with herself again. I am pumping harder and a little faster now. She is getting close, and I have been doing my best to hold off until she was ready. She starts to moan, I can feel her tense up around my cock, I grab the back of her neck with one hand, the couch with the other, and start steadily and rhythmically pounding on her. Making sure to keep the same pace, she loves to get fucked at a slow and steady pace. We cum almost simultaneously, it is amazing, the pulses of her orgasm helping to milk my cum. She turns back to me and says one of her signature lines, ‘Me again!’. With me still inside her, she starts to rub out another one. I start to slowly slide in an out of her still unbelievably tight pussy, helping her cum for the second time.

Sweaty and out of breath, with a sheepish grin on my face, I said ‘I really thought you just wanted to kiss a little on the couch’. Her response was along the line of, ‘No I wanted that’.

The Hotel Dream…

This is a recent dream my wife conveyed to me through text…  She is bi-curious and we recently agreed that same sex wasn’t cheating or if we were together with another person or couple. Anything has yet to be done but it must have been on her mind on night, as this is a series of texts I got from her. The names have been changed but the rest is word for word, transcribed from my phone.

“So… In my dream, Amanda and I were back at the hotel and it was just her, Samantha and I in a room. We were laughing and tipsy and got to the room… Samantha was sleeping on the couch. We were sort of laughing and pushing at each other messing around and kind of fell into bed to go to sleep, face to face. She sort or rearranged her head on the pillow so that her face was almost touching mine and really softly kissed me with her eyes open.. And then I licked her lips along the opening really softly and slowly and she made a little noise and I shook my head slightly meaning for her to be quiet. Then we both were licking each other’s lips and looking in each other’s eyes. I said, “shhh” and really slow and quietly ran my hand up her leg, under her dress, and pulled her panties to the side. She was really wet and I slipped my finger inside her and rested my thumb on her clit.. She moaned a bit and I shook my head and bit her lip. Then I slowly and rhythmically moved my hand side to side inside her/over her clit while I was licking her lips back and forth slowly, once in a while slipping my tongue in her mouth… Her cheeks were really flushed and her hips were slightly rocking back and forth until she finally came and then we just stayed like that, pressed up against each other.

That’s all I remember…”

I do very much enjoy the thoughts floating around that woman’s head!

That Wouldn’t Stop Her…

She was on the last day of her period, she was horny as hell, and I knew she wanted to play. She was just out of the shower and wearing her Diva Cup, so we couldn’t have PIV sex. I laid her on the bed, started kissing her, her lips, her neck, her breasts, slowly working my way down. Her legs straight, together, and closed tight, and she wouldn’t let me open them. I looked up at her, she smiled, she was being playful. I slid my hands under her ass and raised her up, changing the angle of her hips and giving me access to her. I placed my lips on top of hers, I used my tongue to spread them and expose her clit. Knowing what she likes, I slowing but firmly licked up and down, using her moans and squirms as a guide, bringing her closer and closer to climax.

She never usually like to cum from just oral alone. She asked me to get her glass dildo from our toy drawer, lube it up, and put it in her ass. As I got the toy from the drawer and ready, she positioned herself on her back at the side of the bed, with her legs bent at the knee and spread wide open. Gently and methodically, I work the glass rod into her ass. Once she has relaxed and adjusted to the size of it, I slowly slid it in and out, in as far as she is comfortable with and out until the rounded end almost pops out of her cute little hole.

She said something was missing, repositioned to the middle of the bed, and asked me to get on top, straddling her face. She started to work over my cock with that amazing mouth of hers, sucking, licking, and tugging, in what always seems like the perfect order to fell amazing and prolong the inevitable. I had my face buried between her legs, using my elbows and upper arms to open her up and tilt her hips back towards me, giving me access to her swollen wet pussy and the ability to play with the toy still nestled securely in her ass.

She was hot, ready to cum, and wanted me inside her. We changed positions, she got on all fours at the side of the bed, a pillow or two tucked under her hips/stomach for support, she lowered her head/shoulders to the bed and raised her heart shaped ass into the air. I lubed my cock up and got in position behind her, she reached back with one hand and helped guide me into her ass. I slowly pushed the head inside her, pausing to let her adjust after every push. Still reaching back with the one hand, she was using the other to rub and play with herself. I could feel her excitement growing and was trying not to get carried away and burry myself in her. She was too worked up and close to cumming to wait for me to slowly work my cock into her ass. She wanted to cum and she wanted to cum now.

I pulled back and slid the dildo back in and started to play with her ass again while she continued to rub her pussy. I started to jerk off and she asked me to cum on her ass. We came pretty much at the same time, her hips were rocking as her hand vigorously shook back and forth over her clit. In one hand I had a firm grip on the dildo in her ass, all I had to do was hold it in place, her rocking was taking care of everything else. In the other I was jerking just as vigorous as she was. I shot my hot load all over her ass as she came, it slid down her crack, around the dildo, down her lips, and all over her hand as she rubbed out her second orgasm.

A Couple of Short Dreams…

As mentioned in a previous post, my wife and I have been discussing the possibility of having another man, woman, or couple join us for some fun in the bedroom. To my never ending delight, she told me about a couple recent dreams she had. They are short and not too detailed, by the time she told me there were kind of fuzzy, the way dreams seem to get.

The first…

We were in bed with another couple, let’s call them Amanda and Carl. My wife was lying in the middle of the bed, Carl was on top of her, I was beside her, turned on my side, and Amanda was off to the side. My wife and I were kissing and fondling each other, while Carl started to work his way into my wife’s pussy. Carl  moaned, ‘’Fuck your pussy is so tight”, this is something that I am always caught off guard by,  even after being together for almost a decade, I am still amazed at how tight her pussy is and how it always feels as good as the first time we made love. In her dream, after hearing this, she looked at me to see my reaction, would I be bothered by someone else commenting on how tight she was. That worry must have ended the dream.

The second…

My wife and her friend Amanda were kissing and fooling around on a bed. Both completely naked, Amanda was lying on her back, my wife was straddled on top of her. I was positioned behind them, try not to get hung up on the logistics, it is a dream after all. While they kissed, licked, and touched each other, I would switch back and forth between them, slowly sliding in and out of one of them before switching to do the same to the other. My wife could feel the change in Amanda’s body, the way it would tense and relax as I entered her. That coupled with the anticipation for her next turn was driving her crazy, not to mention the fun she was having playing with one of her friends.

More to come, I am sure. It doesn’t seem like my wife’s dirty little mind never rests!


I knew from the start that my wife had a thing for women. It came out in a conversation between a couple friends back before we started dating. We have talked about the experiences she had when she was younger, some experimenting with friends and her first taste of a woman when she was away on a trip. We talk about fantasies and dreams she has and even role play with her being with another woman. Sometimes, while we are going hot and heavy, she will take my had, hold my index and middle fingers together and start licking them as if they were a pussy. She teases the webbing of my fingers like she would a clit, and even gets a finger or two going through my make sift slit. It is hot as hell and we both really get off on it. Once, while riding me, she got off midsession, pushed and held my cock up to my stomach, and started to slowly lick and tongue my shaft as if it were a dripping wet pussy, she licked me clean before climbing back on.

Recently we were joking around, she made a quip about me being with a guy. I admitted to her that if the circumstances were right that I could see myself fooling around with a guy. Later that day and most unexpectedly she said that if I am ever in those set of circumstances that she is ok with me being with a guy, all she asks is for pictures, hahaha. I took a couple minutes to process and think about it, then offered her the same courtesy 😉

We have since had multiple conversations on the topic of same sex partners, threesomes, and foursomes. Nothing has happen yet but the idea of it and knowing how much she wants it drives me crazy.